bethany newell
beauty. fashion. design. style architect.


bethany newell. beauty. fashion. design. style architect.

time at the beach this august!

summertime is for spending time at the beach and soaking up plenty of vitamin D! the best companion for that glowing sun kissed tone is to pair it with a strong and fun pedicure with the perfect lacquer.  slip into your favorite sandals using some of our favorites:

  • Yves Saint Laurent Violet Baroque iconic. deep. glorious. violet.
  • Chanel 624 Bleu Trompeur alluring. hi-shine. dark. blue.
  • Chanel 500 Rouge Essentiel vibrant. intense. crisp. red.

spend this time and enjoy fantastic food, delve into the perfect exercise routine, drink plenty of water, keep your ‘beach bag’ equipped with the appropriate sun products, meditate and take time away with loved ones to recharge.  summer is a fantastic time to travel and experience new adventures... have fun! Xx

Credits: hermes, yves saint laurent, chanel, , repost images, lancaster